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Nampa Parks/Outdoor Facilities
Nampa Parks
Lakeview Group Reservations
Lakeview Fireplace Shelter    Lakeview Fireplace Shelter
Lakeview Maple Grove Shelter  Lakeview Maple Grove Shelter
Lakeview Rose Garden          Lakeview Rose Garden
Lakeview Water Park           Lakeview Water Park
Liberty Group Reservation Site
Liberty Shelter               Liberty Shelter
Lions Group Reservation Site
Lions Playground              Lions Playground
Lions by the Pool             Lions by the Pool
Midway Park Reservation Site
Midway Playground Shelter     Midway Playground Shelter
Midway Plaza Shelter          Midway Plaza Shelter
Optimist Group Reservation Sit
Optimist Area #1              Optimist Area #1
Rec Center Park Reservation
Rec Center Park Shelter       Rec Center Park Shelter
West Group Reservation Sites
West #1 - by the pond         West #1 - by the pond
West #2 - restroom            West #2 - restroom